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Over 250,000 children are forced to exist on the streets of delhi. Around five million people live in horrific conditions in slums. They do not have clean water; children are often hungry and diahorrea and skin diseases are common.To survive, children scavenge in rubbish dumps to find scraps to sell or beg on the streets. Most are not in school and have poor health. Many children are abandoned and are at high risk of abuse, exploitation and child trafficking.

The Major Focus Work for Silver Lining Trust are:

. Promotion of Rural Technologies
. Health Care
. Education and Awareness Generation
. Micro-Credit for Village Projects

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Food For Street Child

Silver Lining Trust is working with street children for many years. In a city like Delhi, the average citizen doesn't think about street children. We must take responsibility to protect them from hunger.
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Events and Update

The NGO aims to gather educational books, picture books, children's story books, blank painting books, dictionaries, Atlas, Indian comic books among other things distribute to needy childrens.
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Support and Sponser

You can donate a little amount of Rs 500/- to help us in our mission and encourage others to donate for a good reason and self satisfaction to do something better in your life except your personal duties.
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Give Your Precious Time to Our Trust And Become Volunteer and Help To Needy Children..

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